Cloth Diaper Routine & Storage + a Quick Haul


We have been part-time cloth diapering for a few months now & have a pretty easy routine down. In today’s video I show you a quick Thirstie’s haul from Christmas, our cloth diaper routine, & our storage.


The Thirstie’s Outdoor Adventure Collection is ADORABLE! I love the all of the prints and so does Eli it seems!


Duo Wraps in Mountain Bike, Midnight Blue, & Fin


All-in-Ones in Happy Camper, Adventure Trail, & Cactus Garden


My wash routine is so, so simple! I do a pre-wash, a hot heavy duty cycle, & an extra rinse cycle. I’ve used both Rockin’ Green & Charlie’s Soap detergents & both have worked great so far – no lingering smells. I’ve had a few stains to deal with, but they came right out after a few hours in the sun! Easy!

Our cloth diaper storage:


These drawers attached to Eli’s crib have given us the perfect amount of storage we have needed for cloth diapers and extras.


We moved this dresser into our living room in place of two large chairs during the Christmas season to make room for the tree, but it gave us such good storage that we left it in there. This is our diapering drawer and it fits exactly what we need it to.

Other cloth diapering items we are enjoying:


Naturally Nature Cloth Diaper LinersHonest Bottom WashThirstie’s Organic Cloth Wipes, & BumGenius All-in-Ones

Dekor Diaper Pail & Cloth Diaper Pail Liner

Do you cloth diaper? Full-time or part-time? Are there any tips or tricks you’d like to share?


Planning My Week


I didn’t realize until a couple of months ago that planning videos were all the rage.  Who knew there were so many ways – and stickers – to decorate?!  While I’m not a planner decorator (yet?), I do plan out each month, week and day – very detailed.  It helps me to make sure I’m being productive and getting things done – especially important after becoming a stay-at-home wife!


I bought this cute planner a few days ago at Marshall’s for just $7.99 – a bargain considering some are the upwards of $50 (no, thanks – yet?).


I also bought some supplies to use to make my planning feel just a little more special.  Thanks Target Dollar Spot!

You can watch a detailed video of how I plan my week as a stay-at-home wife below.

My Makeup Organization

Getting organized.  That’s an ongoing goal of mine and I’m getting it done little by little.  In this video I show you my makeup organization.  I wouldn’t quite call it a makeup collection – I used to “collect”makeup but over the past couple of years I have dwindled it down quite nicely to things I actually use.

We have limited space in our bathroom – that’s where I apply my makeup, I have to do it standing up for some reason – and I’m trying to keep the clutter on the counter to a minimum.  For now this is what is working for me.


Again with the clear acrylic organizers (this one from Marshall’s for $8).  I can’t get enough.  I love the clean, modern look.  The two glass containers are candle holders from the Dollar Tree.

11934311_10102250317682532_2003223264_n 11942273_10102250317627642_2086424495_n 11910658_10102250317597702_589086296_n

Again, these organizers are from Marshall’s (6 piece set for $13).

That is all that’s left in my “collection”!  No more makeup stored here and there.  I’m also wanting to switch to more natural products so I will be doing some research so I can replace what I need to as I use products up.

You can watch the video of my makeup organization below.