BabyDance! And Other TTC Lingo

If you’re new to the TTC world (#tryingtoconceive), baby dance is the cute way of saying “having sex with the intentions of making a baby” (e.g. “I’m ovulating, so we have to baby dance NOW!”).


BabyDance is also the name of a new fertility friendly lubricate from FairHaven Health. You may or may not know that not all lubes are created equal and if you’re trying to conceive, you shouldn’t use just any.  It took my husband and I 18 months to conceive our son and we did so with the help of fertility medication. (You can watch our journey here.) We were also well versed in every which way possible to help your odds of conceiving and we used PreSeed lubricate. BabyDance wasn’t out yet, but it would have been my top choice instead, because it’s paraben free!

Now, if you follow along on my YouTube channel, you know that my husband and I are just now recovering from the first 17 months of having our first child and aren’t quite sure where we are with having more children, so we are definitely not TTC. I don’t have a need for BabyDance right now, BUT FairHaven Health is letting me give away one to one of you!

To enter – visit my Instagram to like and comment on the giveaway post! For an extra entry comment on this blog post. For even more entries, tag your #ttcsisters on the Instagram post and you’ll get one entry for each!


Winner will be chose at random on Friday, February 9th. Must be 18 to enter. Open to US and Canada only.

Now, some other TTC terminology! 

AF: Aunt Flo

BBT: Basal Body Temperature

BC: Birth control

BD: Baby dance

BFN: Big fat negative

BFP: Big fat positive

CD: Cycle day

CM: Cervical mucus

DPO: Days past ovulation

EDD: Estimated delivery date

EWCM: Egg white cervical mucus

FMU: First morning urine

HPT: Home pregnancy test

IUI: Intrauterine insemination

LP: Luteal phase

MS: Morning sickness

NPP: Not preventing pregnancy

O: Ovulation

OPK: Ovulation predictor kit

PG: Pregnant

POAS: Pee on a stick

RE: Reproductive endocrinologist

SO: Significant other

US: Ultrasound

How long did you/have you been TTC?





“In The Wait” Giveaway

Today’s video is a trying to conceive update (cycle 16 is here, ugh) and information about a giveaway!!  Watch the video below for details on both:

All the information about the giveaway can be found in the description box below the video.


Today is cycle day 13 of my 14th cycle trying to conceive our first child.  17 months ago we started this journey – 17!!


The video down below is about my experience during my HSG and an update after our mid-cycle ultrasound this morning.

Things have been calmer this cycle, I’ve been more at peace about things.  I’m anxious to get this shot taken tomorrow night and see how the rest of the cycle goes.  If we don’t conceive, I hope that we at least get closer to figuring out what’s going on – why we’re on month 17.

Holy Hormones

My first round of Clomid.  I didn’t have any major side effects while taking it – I felt hungrier (and still do) and more tired than usual but that could be all in my head.  I took it on cycle days 3-7.  I started taking OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) on cycle day 10 and got my smiley face on cycle day 13 (along with some very intense ovulation pain)!!  I’ve hadn’t been that excited in a very long time!  According to my BBT chart and the Fertility Friend app, I ovulated on cycle day 14 (which was August 8, one day before my 31st birthday).

The dreaded two week wait.  Google had already let me know what to expect – that I would have every pregnancy symptom because of the Clomid, but I would probably not be pregnant.  Well, Google was right.  I felt different – I felt weak, hungry, tired, nauseous, my breasts were tender, my left ovary hurt, etc, etc.  I was still hopeful.  I mean, I actually ovulated!  For the first time in 5 months!  There was at least a chance!

It consumed my thoughts.  Not knowing if I was pregnant or not, spotting every symptom and analyzing every single twinge in my body.  I Googled and Googled and then Googled again just to be sure.

My emotions went on one hell of a roller coaster ride (are still are, just not as bad).  I took a HPT (home pregnancy test) on 10 DPO – big fat negative.  This is the day everything just kind of crashed.  I had spent the last nine days consumed, even to the point where I had this sick, gnawing feeling in my stomach that just wouldn’t go away.

Going to bed that night, my body started to feel different.  I guess I had listened to it so much that I could tell something changed.  So I wasn’t surprised when the next morning my temp had dropped – I started my period later that evening.

I’m not sure why all us of going through fertility challenges keep it so secret.  I’m always saying how it should be talked about more, yet I don’t.  I mean, I do on YouTube and this blog, but to very few people in my “real” life.  It’s hard.  I wanted it to be a fun surprise!  “Hey, Mom – I’m pregnant” announced sweetly while recording her reaction.  But now it’s her patiently waiting to see if the Clomid worked, if this was our cycle.

No one knows what to say.  If they’ve never been in your shoes, they have no idea of the pain that comes along with the deep desire to have a child and it not happening for 16 months and counting.

Few know of what we are going through and most who do know, well, don’t really care.  They have no idea what life is like in the walls of our home.  While it is filled with love and laughter, along with it comes tears, pain and anger.  It’s a lonely place to be, as a couple and as a woman.

If you know someone who is trying desperately for a child, don’t forget about them. They are hurting, they are in pain and they are scared.  You may not know what to say and that’s fine.  Don’t try to give advice, just let them know you care and you’re thinking of them.

The plan for next cycle.  I just popped my fourth Clomid pill for this round, my last day will be tomorrow.  I go in Friday for a HSG test.  I go Tuesday, cycle day 13, for an ultrasound to check on my follicle growth, if there are follicles big enough I will get a trigger shot that will help me to go ahead and ovulate.  I’ll go back a week after that for blood work to test my progesterone (per my request – I’m worried because of my short 10 day luteal phase last cycle).

I’m determined to not let this cycle control me like my last.  I have to keep my mind occupied and my emotions in check.  We’ve even planned a trip to New Orleans for Labor Day weekend!  I’m feeling better, but still scared that this cycle will not work.  I try not to think about the what-ifs.  I know in this situation feelings change in seconds, but as of right now I feel like I’ve let go a little bit.  I’m doing all I can.  And that’s all I can do.

You can watch my TTC update video below.

I Just Want a Baby Already – A Trying to Conceive Recap

My husband and I were married on April 12, 2014 in Puerto Rico, the island where my husband lived until he moved to Nashville in 2012.  We knew we wanted to have children, a big family, and said we would start trying around the end of 2014.

IMG_1239 IMG_1267 IMG_1144

For our honeymoon we traveled to Dublin, Paris and all around Italy.  It was in Dublin we decided that we wouldn’t wait to start trying, we would start right away. Our first cycle of trying to conceive was May 2014.


My cycles were never spot on regular, but they came every month – sometimes 30 days, sometimes a bit more or a bit less, but they came.  I read books and learned about my body – details that I feel silly for not knowing until I was 30 years old.

We timed intercourse correctly every month because, well, we were having intercourse all the time to make sure we timed it correctly (and because we wanted to, of course).

In February of 2015 I was still not pregnant.  It was time for my annual appointment with my OB and I discussed with her what had been going on.  She told me to chart my temperature for 3 months and we could go from there.  I hadn’t charted before because I was afraid it would put too much stress on me, but I wish I would have started from the beginning now.

My chart in March looked good.  It confirmed ovulation with a temp rise, although only a 9 day luteal phase.  After that month, it’s like my body just stopped.  Just quit.  My next cycle lasted for 56 days with no ovulation confirmed.

I went back to my OB and showed her my charts.  She said I have “lazy ovary syndrome” (she made that up) and that I needed to take Clomid and have an HSG and I would probably get pregnant.  While I like my OB, her lack of concern and her quickness to jump straight to this without any further testing scared me, so I made an appointment at the fertility center a few days later.  I also started acupuncture.

During my first visit at the fertility center I had a vaginal ultrasound and blood work.  I had plenty of eggs, they just weren’t doing anything and my blood work came back normal.  I got a call from the nurse saying the Dr. wanted me to start Clomid that day.  By this time I was on day 53 of the cycle after my 56 day cycle.  I had never heard of someone taking Clomid during the middle of a cycle before, always at the beginning.  And after a HSG test and monitoring.  I had none of these done!  I felt like I had just left my OB’s office all over again.

What I was, and still am, most concerned about is the fact that I still have no idea what is going on with my body – what am I treating?  Nothing.  I’m masking the underlying issue with fertility medication that forces me to ovulate.  Why did I not get pregnant for the almost one year when I was ovulating?  Why did I stop ovulating?  Why did my body shut down?

I was scared and resistant at first, but I did take the Clomid.  And that’s what my next post will be about.

You can watch my TTC videos my clicking HERE.

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