Breastfeeding My Toddler

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One of the greatest joys motherhood has brought me has been breastfeeding Eli. It’s the one thing that has been easy and went the way I wanted it to. I’m so thankful for that. A lot of women struggle with breastfeeding or are unable to at all, so I know what a blessing this journey has been. Eli is 16 months old now and I plan to continue to nurse him until he self-weans. Of course, as he gets older, plans could change, but right now we are both perfectly happy with our breastfeeding relationship. Here’s part one of a Q+A video where I answered some questions about it.

Did you breastfeed? For how long?


Postpartum Prep & Kits


Today’s video is how we have been preparing for my postpartum stage. We have done as much work ahead of time as possible to hopefully make things easier once baby is here and help get my healing off to a good start! You can watch the video for all the details and see below for some additional information.


Lactation cookies recipe from the blog How Sweet It Is.


For the padsicles, I bought a pack of Seventh Generation Overnight pads since they have wings and are a bit thicker. I used about a tablespoon of aloe, a tablespoon of witchhazel and 3-4 drops of lavender oil on each pad. You can change up the oils you use or leave them out. Wrap them back up, place them in a freezer bag, pop them in the freezer, and that’s it!

You can click here to watch the video about our freezer meal preparation and what all we ended up making.

Be sure to watch the video for a lot more information and to see what I have in four different kits for the baby and me!