Cloth Diaper Routine & Storage + a Quick Haul


We have been part-time cloth diapering for a few months now & have a pretty easy routine down. In today’s video I show you a quick Thirstie’s haul from Christmas, our cloth diaper routine, & our storage.


The Thirstie’s Outdoor Adventure Collection is ADORABLE! I love the all of the prints and so does Eli it seems!


Duo Wraps in Mountain Bike, Midnight Blue, & Fin


All-in-Ones in Happy Camper, Adventure Trail, & Cactus Garden


My wash routine is so, so simple! I do a pre-wash, a hot heavy duty cycle, & an extra rinse cycle. I’ve used both Rockin’ Green & Charlie’s Soap detergents & both have worked great so far – no lingering smells. I’ve had a few stains to deal with, but they came right out after a few hours in the sun! Easy!

Our cloth diaper storage:


These drawers attached to Eli’s crib have given us the perfect amount of storage we have needed for cloth diapers and extras.


We moved this dresser into our living room in place of two large chairs during the Christmas season to make room for the tree, but it gave us such good storage that we left it in there. This is our diapering drawer and it fits exactly what we need it to.

Other cloth diapering items we are enjoying:


Naturally Nature Cloth Diaper LinersHonest Bottom WashThirstie’s Organic Cloth Wipes, & BumGenius All-in-Ones

Dekor Diaper Pail & Cloth Diaper Pail Liner

Do you cloth diaper? Full-time or part-time? Are there any tips or tricks you’d like to share?


4 Month Baby Favorites!


In today’s video I’m sharing some of our favorite things for baby right now. Four months is such a fun age. Eli is so aware and is learning new things everyday and it’s amazing to watch him grow and learn. Given, he is already teething and is a bit more fussy than usual, it’s still a great age – fully out of newborn but before he’s mobile and too busy for mom! You can watch my favorites video here – – and see the products listed below.

BumGenius Freetime AIO Cloth Diaper

Carter’s Soft Sole Boots

Carter’s Sleep & Play – Zip Up

SwaddleMe – Large

Matimati Bandana Bibs

RoshamboBaby Sunglasses

Summer Infant Super Seat – Apparently this version has been discontinued. There is a new deluxe version that is easy to find.

The Vintage Honey Shop Nursing/Teething Necklace 

What’s your current favorite items for baby?

Eli’s 4 Month Update!

Wow, motherhood makes you really busy! I’ve neglected posting on here since little man keeps me going all the time! It’s the best, but I do crave “me” time. Right now I’m squeezing in this post while he’s sleeping on the couch beside me. You can watch this video – – for a full update on Eli and enjoy some pictures of little man below! 🙂


Eli’s 3 month photos by MandyLiz Photography.

His first Halloween and his first Thanksgiving!

One Month Baby Update


Weight & Length: At Eli’s one month check-up he weighted 11.1 pounds and was 23.5 inches long! I’m so happy he’s growing big and strong!

Feeding: Breastfeeding is going amazing! He sure does love his mama milk. I feel so blessed that we have had no problems at all and that he loves to eat – as evidenced my his weight gain, around 3 pounds the first month! He eats when he’s hungry or wants comfort – we are not on a schedule for eating and won’t be for quite some time.

Sleeping: Eli is a great sleeper, thank goodness! His naps vary throughout the day and each day is different. His nighttime sleeping is quite routine. He’ll sleep for a 3-4 hours (although last night was 5, maybe they’re getting longer!) then wake to eat for just a few minutes then he’ll go back down for another 2-3 hours. Sometimes he’ll go back to sleep after waking the second time, sometimes he’s ready to be up for a few minutes, but either way I’m thankful for the chunks of sleep I get through the night!

Development: Eli has had a strong neck since birth and it has gotten a lot stronger over the month. He’s also a very strong baby! He does really well at tummy time and likes lying on his play gym mat to just hang out and look around. He has a lot more awake time now. He’s very alert and has started to follow our faces and voices. He has cracked a couple of smiles (a ton if you count when he’s eating or pooping, ha) on purpose, but isn’t doing it regularly yet – I can’t wait until he does! He does really well at bath time. I give him baths with me in the tub with him. I’ll hold his head up and let him float around and he loves it! He doesn’t love to get out of the tub though! That’s when he cries the most and loudest!

Temperament: Eli is such a good baby. It is rare that he gets really upset and he’s never been inconsolable – hopefully that will last! He’s easy to calm when he does get fussy and I can usually tell what he’s needing now. He like to just chill during his awake time now and (I think) he enjoys me singing to him.

Favorites: Eli enjoys his mamaRoo to nap in or just lying on a blanket on the couch. He loves to be carried in my K’tan wrap and usually falls asleep in it. He also like to lay on his play gym mat and look at the toys above and listen to the music. Of course his favorite thing of all is his mama milk! 🙂

Update Video: You can watch his one month update here –




Postpartum Prep & Kits


Today’s video is how we have been preparing for my postpartum stage. We have done as much work ahead of time as possible to hopefully make things easier once baby is here and help get my healing off to a good start! You can watch the video for all the details and see below for some additional information.


Lactation cookies recipe from the blog How Sweet It Is.


For the padsicles, I bought a pack of Seventh Generation Overnight pads since they have wings and are a bit thicker. I used about a tablespoon of aloe, a tablespoon of witchhazel and 3-4 drops of lavender oil on each pad. You can change up the oils you use or leave them out. Wrap them back up, place them in a freezer bag, pop them in the freezer, and that’s it!

You can click here to watch the video about our freezer meal preparation and what all we ended up making.

Be sure to watch the video for a lot more information and to see what I have in four different kits for the baby and me!

Nursery Closet Tour & Organization


Today’s video is a tour of our baby boy’s nursery! We started on it and pretty much completed it months ago. We made a few changes to the shelving system and purchased bins from the Dollar Tree. We were lucky enough that they had the exact color we needed to match some of the nursery decor so I bought pretty much all that I could! I’m sure we’ll make a few changes once baby get here, but for now I think it will work well for us.