34 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby’s size: Around 17 3/4 inches & 4 3/4 lbs.



 Symptoms: Heartburn, emotional, tire easy, acne, lot of baby stretches – my favorite thing in the world.

Cravings: Nature Valley’s Oat & Honey granola bars! And Red Lobster – I really need some Red Lobster!

Appointments: I don’t go back to for a midwife appointment until June 23. I’m seeing the chiropractor weekly now. We had our third trimester visit with our doula last week. We also had a breastfeeding class last week which was super informative!

Fun purchases: We haven’t purchased anything, but last week Miguel’s coworkers threw us a baby shower and were so kind to treat us to lunch, cupcakes, and gifts for the baby.

Looking forward to: Our baby shower on the 18th!

Reading: Hypnobirthing

We started perineal massage yesterday, which I explain a bit more in this week’s update video.

Watch my latest pregnancy update: https://youtu.be/yq4bGurHT8Y

Watch our gender reveal: https://youtu.be/XUWqNDUamR4

Watch our reaction to finding out the gender: https://youtu.be/IiK4t2lJkBY


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