Gender Reveal Party!

Back in March Miguel and I invited our family and friends over to reveal the gender of our sweet baby – which we all now know is a BOY! I thought I would share some details from that day. My friend Mary Helen, who happens to own Nunn Photography, was there to capture our day!

I made the invitations myself using I use this site a lot for my YouTube or blog banners and it’s very simple to do so – Photoshop is just too advanced for me! I decided to go with navy and fuchsia as our colors with pops of gold for the party. I didn’t go with a specific “this or that” type theme that is so popular right now. I stuck with the classic “frogs and snails or sugar and spice” nursery rhyme.


This was the welcome table as you enter our home. I handmade the hanging banners by just cutting out shapes and either threading through each to hold them together or taping them to ribbon. Taping was MUCH easier. I also made all the signs used during the party using the same site. We hand painted the mason jars and dipped them in gold glitter. I found the white flowers at the Dollar Tree and used those throughout as decor.

The welcome table housed our “wear your guess” clothespins, our old wives tale predictions, a chalkboard for guests to mark their guess (although we forgot to tell most to do that), and some paper and a tin so guests could give us name suggestions.


We kept it simple with the food and drinks. Since we were doing everything ourselves we wanted it to be as easy as possible, yet yummy. We ordered the cake from HomeStyle Bakery here in Nashville and it was delicious.

We started with chips and French onion dip (which was absolutely delicious to me that day), a simple fruit salad, and I hand-dipped some store-bought Rice Crispy treats into white chocolate then sprinkled with pink sprinkles. What’s not pictured are the chicken salad croissant sandwiches (chicken salad and croissants purchased at Kroger and put together by my husband) or the ham and cheese bake – which was SO good – everyone loved them! We had sodas and the punches pictured here – a “pretty in pink champagne” and a “little boy blue margarita” (based on that recipe, but Miguel made changes). I made sure to label the alcoholic drink since not everyone drinks alcohol plus we had kids attending.


I used small chalkboards from the Dollar Tree and a chalk maker to make prediction signs for our guests (and pets) to take pictures with. That photo of Shelby (our cat) will forever crack me up!


We chose the corner of our living room as the reveal spot. Again using the handmade banners and some pom poms from Target. I got the gold balloons from The Party Dialect on Etsy. For the reveal box we just covered a cardboard box with shipping paper. I handmade the question mark by cutting it out of cardboard then hot gluing flowers from the Dollar Tree on it.


“It’s a BOY!” We used a banner of the same gold balloons for our reveal. It was so fun to see everyone’s reactions!

What a fun day! We take every chance we get to celebrate this blessing and time in our lives. We love sharing moments like this with those close to us. I wouldn’t change a thing about this day!


We had a chance before guests arrived to take a few maternity shots – I will share more in another post.

You can watch my gender reveal video here –

And our reaction to finding out the gender here –

My dress was a gift from PinkBlush Maternity.




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