28 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby’s size: Around 14.8 inches & 2.25 lbs.

Mama’s weight:  146 (total weight gain – 21 lbs.- although it fluctuates daily)


Exercise: Now that it has warmed up outside we walk around 2 miles a day. I also make sure to do my squats, pelvic rocks and a lot of stretching.

Symptoms: Same as always. Heartburn has lessened again, thank goodness. We did have our first scare this past Sunday. I will go into more detail in my next video update. Everything is ok 🙂

Cravings: Still no specific cravings. Except maybe cheesecake. I could eat a whole cheesecake.

Appointments: My next midwife appointment is next week. It seems like it is taking FOREVER to get here. I’m so ready to get my glucose screening over with – praying I pass on the first try!

Fun purchases: Researching cloth diapers today to start my stash! I keep saying we need to buy a little at a time and finally today I was like “um we only have around 12 weeks to buy a little at a time”.

Looking forward to: Being so close to meeting my baby! We have so much going on over the next few weeks I’m sure time will continue to fly by.

Reading: Hypnobirthing

Watch my latest pregnancy update: https://youtu.be/bWXqFRguB_w

Watch our gender reveal: https://youtu.be/XUWqNDUamR4

Watch our reaction to finding out the gender: https://youtu.be/IiK4t2lJkBY


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