25 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby’s size: Rutabaga – around 13.5 inches & 1.5 lb.

Mama’s weight:  141 (total weight gain – 16 lbs.)

Bumpwatch: 12952954_10102586172217352_2008200619_o

Symptoms: Exhaustion has come back along with daily naps, heartburn almost daily, round ligament pain (mostly only when we go for our evening walk). I’m sleeping ok, but have a hard time getting comfortable. Baby still moves a lot and recently the little kicks and jabs have been a few long movements like stretches. I love it!

Cravings: It seems like my cravings change daily, but nothing really specific. We’ve really been focused on eating well again.

Appointments: We go to the chiropractor tomorrow – Miguel is going with me and getting adjusted too – should be interesting! 🙂  My next midwives appointment is May 5 (glucose test time) and our last childbirth class in this series is Thursday evening.

Fun purchases: None over the past couple of weeks. We’ve been trying to hold off on buying until after our shower – which isn’t until June so that probably won’t last long!

Looking forward to: My first midwife appointment at the birth center we switched to! I’m so excited that we made the switch from a hospital birth with midwives to a birth center. I talk all about it in this week’s pregnancy update (link below).

Reading: The Happiest Baby on the Block and I just got HypnoBirthing in the mail today.

Watch my latest pregnancy update: https://youtu.be/cW2vXMci8Rk

Watch our gender reveal: https://youtu.be/XUWqNDUamR4

Watch our reaction to finding out the gender: https://youtu.be/IiK4t2lJkBY

Dear Baby Boy,

In just 15 short weeks (give or take) I’ll get to bring you into this world. To think that I’m going to love you even more than I love you know blows my mind, I’m not sure my heart can handle it. I hope you stay put until you’re full term, but I just can’t wait to meet you. You’re going to change our lives in the best way possible. I’m even looking forward to those sleepless nights.

Stay strong in there my little one.




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