We Have A Growing Baby & A Gender!

Yesterday morning we had our 20 week anatomy scan to check on baby and see how he/she is growing and of course to see if we could get the gender! We hadn’t had an ultrasound since week 8 and it was AMAZING to see how much Baby C. has grown.


We are so blessed with a growing baby with no anomalies seen! Baby was weighing in a bit big at 14 oz – average is 10 to ll. We saw baby eating and swallowing, moving around and the tech said baby was even practicing breathing already! How crazy is it that ultrasounds can show so much and that we can see our babies in the womb?! Crazy!


The tech was able to see the gender! We had her write it down for us and put it in an envelope – we waited all the way until the car to see! We are so excited! I feel like seeing the baby so big and active plus knowing the gender has made everything so much more real. Like, we are having a baby guys!! I still can’t believe it! We know how lucky and blessed we are.

We vlogged a bit of our day and you can watch it here:https://youtu.be/CmwUSE_2n1M


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