15 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby’s size: Navel Orange – Around 4 inches and 2.5 oz.

Mama’s weight: 128 (total weight gain – 5lbs. eek!)

Bumpwatch: I think the bump is starting to pop just a bit more.


Symptoms: Vivid dreams – although not as vivid as they were, thirst, what feels like left ovary pain (ligament pain maybe?) 

Craving: Cereal – specifically Honey Nut Cheerios, fruit – strawberries and raspberries mainly, and white cheddar popcorn – Boom Chicka Pop is my FAVORITE.

Appointments: I had my midwife appointment Monday morning and everything is looking great. I was able to discuss some details of labor and delivery and ask a lot of questions. Our anatomy scan is February 29 followed by a midwife appointment to go over the results.

Looking forward to: Our anatomy scan! We won’t be able to have our gender reveal party until a couple of weeks later – I’m not sure if we’ll be able to wait until then! I want to know if Baby C is a boy or a girl SO BAD!

Fun purchases: We bought our stroller and car seat over the weekend and it arrived yesterday! We had fun setting it up and driving the animals around the house – can’t wait until baby’s in there!


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