That Snow Though

A lot of states don’t get worked up about snowfall – but Tennessee does, especially in Nashville. It’s rare that we get snow and when we do, there’s usually not a lot of accumulation. So, you can imagine our excitement – as in Miguel and I, not all of Nashville – when we received around 7 inches of snow at our house on Friday!

Although beautiful, the snow and wind were almost too much for me Friday so we stepped out for only a few minutes to snap these photos.

IMG_0733 - Copy





IMG_0735IMG_0750 (2)

The snowed stopped Friday night and the wind died down, so Saturday we were able to get out and enjoy the snow with friends!



I feel very blessed that neither Miguel or I have to be out on the roads in weather like this. We get large amounts of snow, or just snow in general, so rarely that Nashville just isn’t equipped to prepare the roadways.  Since most travel is done on interstates, they basically shutdown. Some people were stranded for hours and there were over 200 reported accidents in Nashville alone. Thankfully we were able to stay home and enjoy!


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