14 Weeks Pregnant, Hello Second Trimester!

Baby’s size: Lemon – Around 3.5 inches and 1.5 oz.

Mama’s weight: 127 (total weight gain – 4lbs.)

Bumpwatch: I’ve noticed week 14 seems to have brought a bigger bump, but that could also be because I’ve gained 2 more pounds..


Symptoms: Vivid dreams are still going strong, dizziness, lower back pain, THIRSTY, some headaches, and a BIG appetite.

Craving: Fruit- mainly strawberries and raspberries, yogurt, and fruity candy.

Appointments: Next midwives appointment is January 25. We met with our doula last week and I am so, so excited to have her be apart of our journey. I think it was a great decision for us!

Looking forward to: Being in my second trimester!! And our anatomy scan which is still 6 WEEKS or so away – I want to know if baby is a boy or girl so bad! I’m also looking forward to our gender reveal party which is still a while away – we’ve already started making the decorations!

Hey Baby,

You’ve made it in there 14 weeks, congrats! You are in your second trimester now which is considered a much “safer” zone than the first trimester – but I’ve never doubted your ability to keep growing! Well, maybe for a second at first, but not since then.

We use a doppler to listen to your heartbeat every now and then – how weird is it that you are in my belly?! I mean, pregnancy is really amazing.

Your dad is so ready to meet you and I’m all “calm it down, we still have a while”, but I’m ready to meet you, too. But please just stay put for about 26 more weeks, ok? No more than that though.

I love you, baby.






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