12 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby’s size: Plum – around 2.1 inches and .49 oz

Mama’s weight: 125 (total weight gain – 2lbs.)

Bumpwatch: Not much change from last week. I can tell my uterus is a little higher above the pelvic bone now.

Symptoms: Vivid dreams, acne, thirst, tired, no appetite, food aversion to most things, frequent urination (waking 2-3 times each night).

Appointments: Next midwives appointment is January 25.

Looking forward to: 2 more weeks until I’m officially in my second trimester and scheduling our anatomy scan at my next appt – I’m ready to know when we’ll know if baby is a boy or a girl!

Fun purchases: We bought a lot of books for baby at Goodwill’s 1/2 off Saturday! I’m getting really excited to get to ready children’s books again!

Watch my 11 & 12 week update here: https://youtu.be/NfT3BbLv9-A


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