11 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby’s size: Lime – around 1.6 inches and .25 oz

Mama’s weight: 125 (gained 2 lbs. since last week – I blame Christmas!)

Bumpwatch: A tiny little bump, enough for family to notice on Christmas!


Symptoms: Vivid dreams, thirst, tired, no appetite, food aversion to most things, frequent urination (waking 2-3 times each night).

Appointments: Second midwife appointment was yesterday. She did a physical exam – breast and pelvic. My thyroid felt a little enlarged so they did bloodwork. She used a doppler to listen to baby! I could listen to that heartbeat all day! Everything is still looking great.

Looking forward to: New Year’s and being 11 weeks! Each week is such a milestone.

Fun purchases: We got some cute baby stuff for Christmas! My sister got us a Pack N’ Play, my niece painted a sign for the baby and we got a few small items from a couple others – so FUN! Miguel had a canvas of the baby’s heartbeat made for me. I LOVE IT.

Dear Baby,

Look at you, being 11 weeks along. Thank you for sticking around. I fear that you’re addicted to junk food because that’s all I’ve been eating. I’ll try to do better soon.

What’s really cool is that you’re going to have a cousin that is basically the same age as you, just a few days younger. I can’t wait to see you two grow up together.

We have your stroller picked out. You’re going to look really cool in it, like one of those cool Pinterest babies.

We’ve decided to wait until your anatomy scan to find out your gender instead of doing an elective ultrasound. So it’s going to be about 9 or so more weeks before we know. Your dad’s grandma told him you’re going to be a girl, so she totally threw his thinking off. If you are a girl, we are 99% sure we know what your name will be. If you’re a boy, that’s a whole different story – it will take a lot of compromise from both me and your dad.

Last night I dreamed you were a boy and I named you Phil.

2016  is only three days away now. This is going to be the best year yet.

I love you so much,





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