Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans

Miguel and I spent this past long weekend in New Orleans- the first time there for us both!  We’ve been talking about wanting to visit there for quite a while and thought now was the perfect time (to keep my mind off the two week wait #ttcproblems).

Below is a vlog I put together and a few photos:

IMG_0115 IMG_0114

Our bed and breakfast, Creole Gardens.  It was the closest Miguel would allow me to get to staying at a haunted house!


The first night there we ate at VooDoo BBQ – it was close to our B&B and delicious.  We actually ended up eating there again our last night there.

IMG_0120 IMG_0123 IMG_0119

I had to stop by the house from American Horror Story – Coven!


We spent some evenings on Bourbon Street – glad we experienced it, not sure we’d do it again.

IMG_0131 IMG_0130

We had lunch one day at Frady’s One Stop Food Shop.  We both had the shrimp po’ boy and I had a (huge) side of mac & cheese.  Our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs with this meal!

IMG_0169 IMG_0168

One of my favorite things we did was a walking ghost tour – the VooDoo Bone Lady was the company we went through and she lead our tour.  She was a great story teller and we got to see some neat sites.  On the left is the “world’s most haunted house” and on the right was the home of Marie Laveau.

IMG_0176 IMG_0181

On Sunday we ventured out on the streetcar and found our way to some old cemeteries.


My absolute favorite meal was at the Royal House in the French Quarter.  We started with charbroiled oysters and I had the oyster pasta which is one of the best meals I’ve ever had – not exaggerating!

We also visited the Ninth Ward, walked around the Garden District, rode the streetcars most places and visited a few thrift stores.  We had a great time and I’m glad we could get away and relax!


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