Weekend Bargain Haul


Since becoming a stay-at-home wife I’ve been doing a lot more shopping.  Shouldn’t that be the other way around?  Less money, less shopping?  Anywho..I can’t feel bad about it because there are so many projects around our house that I’ve put off for years.  Here’s to organizing and decorating!  Plus, we are smart shoppers – bargain hunters (for the most part)!

Here’s some of my finds from over the weekend:

11948003_10102250235312602_254822142_n 11933053_10102250229384482_2128739002_n 11911451_10102250229898452_1524422769_n

The Target Dollar Spot can be hit or miss for me, this weekend it was a hit!  Some supplies for organizing and crafting.


Obsessed with clear acrylic organizers!  Got this one on clearance at Marshall’s for $10!


Jumping on the cute planner/planning video bandwagon!  And I’m not ashamed! Got this planner from Marshall’s for $7.

You can watch my haul video on these goodies below.


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