My Makeup Organization

Getting organized.  That’s an ongoing goal of mine and I’m getting it done little by little.  In this video I show you my makeup organization.  I wouldn’t quite call it a makeup collection – I used to “collect”makeup but over the past couple of years I have dwindled it down quite nicely to things I actually use.

We have limited space in our bathroom – that’s where I apply my makeup, I have to do it standing up for some reason – and I’m trying to keep the clutter on the counter to a minimum.  For now this is what is working for me.


Again with the clear acrylic organizers (this one from Marshall’s for $8).  I can’t get enough.  I love the clean, modern look.  The two glass containers are candle holders from the Dollar Tree.

11934311_10102250317682532_2003223264_n 11942273_10102250317627642_2086424495_n 11910658_10102250317597702_589086296_n

Again, these organizers are from Marshall’s (6 piece set for $13).

That is all that’s left in my “collection”!  No more makeup stored here and there.  I’m also wanting to switch to more natural products so I will be doing some research so I can replace what I need to as I use products up.

You can watch the video of my makeup organization below.


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