I Just Want a Baby Already – A Trying to Conceive Recap

My husband and I were married on April 12, 2014 in Puerto Rico, the island where my husband lived until he moved to Nashville in 2012.  We knew we wanted to have children, a big family, and said we would start trying around the end of 2014.

IMG_1239 IMG_1267 IMG_1144

For our honeymoon we traveled to Dublin, Paris and all around Italy.  It was in Dublin we decided that we wouldn’t wait to start trying, we would start right away. Our first cycle of trying to conceive was May 2014.


My cycles were never spot on regular, but they came every month – sometimes 30 days, sometimes a bit more or a bit less, but they came.  I read books and learned about my body – details that I feel silly for not knowing until I was 30 years old.

We timed intercourse correctly every month because, well, we were having intercourse all the time to make sure we timed it correctly (and because we wanted to, of course).

In February of 2015 I was still not pregnant.  It was time for my annual appointment with my OB and I discussed with her what had been going on.  She told me to chart my temperature for 3 months and we could go from there.  I hadn’t charted before because I was afraid it would put too much stress on me, but I wish I would have started from the beginning now.

My chart in March looked good.  It confirmed ovulation with a temp rise, although only a 9 day luteal phase.  After that month, it’s like my body just stopped.  Just quit.  My next cycle lasted for 56 days with no ovulation confirmed.

I went back to my OB and showed her my charts.  She said I have “lazy ovary syndrome” (she made that up) and that I needed to take Clomid and have an HSG and I would probably get pregnant.  While I like my OB, her lack of concern and her quickness to jump straight to this without any further testing scared me, so I made an appointment at the fertility center a few days later.  I also started acupuncture.

During my first visit at the fertility center I had a vaginal ultrasound and blood work.  I had plenty of eggs, they just weren’t doing anything and my blood work came back normal.  I got a call from the nurse saying the Dr. wanted me to start Clomid that day.  By this time I was on day 53 of the cycle after my 56 day cycle.  I had never heard of someone taking Clomid during the middle of a cycle before, always at the beginning.  And after a HSG test and monitoring.  I had none of these done!  I felt like I had just left my OB’s office all over again.

What I was, and still am, most concerned about is the fact that I still have no idea what is going on with my body – what am I treating?  Nothing.  I’m masking the underlying issue with fertility medication that forces me to ovulate.  Why did I not get pregnant for the almost one year when I was ovulating?  Why did I stop ovulating?  Why did my body shut down?

I was scared and resistant at first, but I did take the Clomid.  And that’s what my next post will be about.

You can watch my TTC videos my clicking HERE.

*Wedding photos by Enjoicorp.


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