If Marni Could Talk

It’s possible that if you have stopped by my blog, you were sent here from a link on Youtube.  When I first started Youtube my channel name was If Marni Could Talk, an ode to my sweet baby dog, Marni.  After a few months of making videos, I just didn’t think the name was a good suit, so I changed it to Christy At Home because, well, I’m at home a lot!

It is my desire to use this blog as an outlet as opposed to just an afterthought when posting a video.

You may have watched a video about my husband and I trying to conceive our first child.  It’s an ongoing journey and the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Here, I hope to be able to put more words in writing to help me not only process my feelings, but preserve them as well.

I also make videos on our clean eating journey, switching to natural products and general healthy lifestyle changes we are figuring out as we go and adjusting to.

You will also find haul videos, what I ate videos, some vlogs – I would like to vlog more, I’m just not good at remembering to – organization tips, tours and the list goes on.  That’s another reason I chose Christy At Home – it’s broad and so are the subjects that I discuss.

I’m looking forward to blogging more and using this space – more words, thoughts and pictures.  Though life is not perfect, it is pretty darn good and I want to always be able to go back and remember these days that are going by way too fast.


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