BabyDance! And Other TTC Lingo

If you’re new to the TTC world (#tryingtoconceive), baby dance is the cute way of saying “having sex with the intentions of making a baby” (e.g. “I’m ovulating, so we have to baby dance NOW!”).


BabyDance is also the name of a new fertility friendly lubricate from FairHaven Health. You may or may not know that not all lubes are created equal and if you’re trying to conceive, you shouldn’t use just any.  It took my husband and I 18 months to conceive our son and we did so with the help of fertility medication. (You can watch our journey here.) We were also well versed in every which way possible to help your odds of conceiving and we used PreSeed lubricate. BabyDance wasn’t out yet, but it would have been my top choice instead, because it’s paraben free!

Now, if you follow along on my YouTube channel, you know that my husband and I are just now recovering from the first 17 months of having our first child and aren’t quite sure where we are with having more children, so we are definitely not TTC. I don’t have a need for BabyDance right now, BUT FairHaven Health is letting me give away one to one of you!

To enter – visit my Instagram to like and comment on the giveaway post! For an extra entry comment on this blog post. For even more entries, tag your #ttcsisters on the Instagram post and you’ll get one entry for each!


Winner will be chose at random on Friday, February 9th. Must be 18 to enter. Open to US and Canada only.

Now, some other TTC terminology! 

AF: Aunt Flo

BBT: Basal Body Temperature

BC: Birth control

BD: Baby dance

BFN: Big fat negative

BFP: Big fat positive

CD: Cycle day

CM: Cervical mucus

DPO: Days past ovulation

EDD: Estimated delivery date

EWCM: Egg white cervical mucus

FMU: First morning urine

HPT: Home pregnancy test

IUI: Intrauterine insemination

LP: Luteal phase

MS: Morning sickness

NPP: Not preventing pregnancy

O: Ovulation

OPK: Ovulation predictor kit

PG: Pregnant

POAS: Pee on a stick

RE: Reproductive endocrinologist

SO: Significant other

US: Ultrasound

How long did you/have you been TTC?




Breastfeeding My Toddler

IMG_4952IMG_7064IMG_7508 2

One of the greatest joys motherhood has brought me has been breastfeeding Eli. It’s the one thing that has been easy and went the way I wanted it to. I’m so thankful for that. A lot of women struggle with breastfeeding or are unable to at all, so I know what a blessing this journey has been. Eli is 16 months old now and I plan to continue to nurse him until he self-weans. Of course, as he gets older, plans could change, but right now we are both perfectly happy with our breastfeeding relationship. Here’s part one of a Q+A video where I answered some questions about it.

Did you breastfeed? For how long?

What Eli Ate Today | 9 Month Old’s Meals


I recently filmed Eli’s meals for a day. He still nurses several time throughout the day, but is also eating 3 meals and 1 snack. We do a combination of purees and solids. He is a great eater and we haven’t had any problems getting him to eat anything! He does prefer to feed himself chunks of food, which is good for us since it keeps him occupied while we eat! 🙂

Watch the video here –

Eli is 9 Months Old!

18194858_10103459120372252_8583558767517432414_nIt’s already been two months since I last posted an Eli update and what a busy two months it has been! At his 9 month appointment he weighed 19 pounds and  was 28 inches long. Eli is mobile, and while he’s not crawling on his knees just yet, he is one fast army crawler and can get anywhere he wants to go! He loves getting into the cabinets, opening and shutting doors, chasing the cats and Marni, and basically just going where he shouldn’t. He’s sitting up from all positions now and pulling up, too. He’s eating a lot of solids now. We’re still giving him some purees still along with soft foods. I just recently bought him puffs for the first time and he’s a big fan. He mocks our expressions and our noises, we can’t cough or sneeze without him joining in. It’s so cute! He’s still nursing on demand. We started a music class and he seems to be really enjoying it. He has started moving his arms to the music and “dancing”. The biggest news is that HE IS SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Glory, glory, hallelujah! It took just a bit of training, but he is a sleeping champ now. Or at least at night, naps are still iffy. This is such a fun age. It’s amazing how fast they learn and grow and change. He’s definitely not a little baby any longer and will be a TODDLER in just 3 months. It’s so bittersweet.

Watch Eli’s 9 month update video –



Eli is 7 Months Old!



Oh, my sweet, sweet boy is somehow 7 months old. I can hardly remember when he was a newborn. I often go back and watch videos and look at pictures to remember how small and fragile he was. He’s always seemed so big, even back then, but when I go back I see how small he really was. To say that I’m in love with Eli would be an understatement. He consumes me in the very best way while exhausting me at the same time. I can’t get enough of him. I long for him to sleep through the night, but miss him when I put him to bed. We are so attached to each other that I worry about him being “too” dependent on me. But is that so bad? I don’t know, I don’t think so. He’s sensitive and loving. He has to warm up to new people, but will love on them once he does.

He has 7 teeth already and bites me a lot. He’s sitting up and rolling around and scooting across the room and trying his best to crawl and gets to frustrated when he just can not reach what he wants. But it won’t be long until he can, until he’s mobile and all over the place and doesn’t want me to hold him quite as much as he does right now. So I try to soak up each moment. I put my phone down more often while he’s nursing and nursing and just stare at him staring at me because some day soon he won’t be nursing and nursing. He’ll be nursing in the morning and at night and maybe for naps. But I won’t be his main “num num”.

I bring myself to tears every day, right now even, thinking about what a whirlwind the past 7 months have been. They’ve been the hardest of my life, mentally, physically, emotionally. They’ve been the best of my life and they’ve been the fastest of my life and part of me wants to go back and do it all again, just to remember it better. To write down each day or to take video each day so that I can remember what I don’t right now. The other part of me is so glad that we’ve made it through the “fog” and I feel like I’m a little bit of the person I used to be, not that I’ll ever be her again or that I even want to be.

I love Eli so much it hurts. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Here is the video I made for Eli’s 7 months –

Here is the video I made for my 7 month postpartum update –